XB X-Back Harness



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Product description

The traditional X-back harness has stood the test of time! It has been and continues to be an old favorite for everyone. Made with a light weight but very strong and durable polypropylene webbing, the XB X-Back Harness is well padded with cell foam and a fleece cover. Comes with distance padding (padding to the end of the rib cage).

It is perfect for pulling activities such as sledding, canicross, skijoring, bikejoring, scootering, rollerblading, hiking and snowshoeing.

Works best when your dog is up front and constantly pulling. If your dog rather runs beside you instead of in front of you, or you have a dog who is more square shaped with a deeper chest and a shorter back (like Pointers, Bouvier des flandres, some of the spaniel breeds, pit bulls, boxers ect.) the best harness choice would be the JH half back harness.

A great harness for dogs 16 kgs up to 61 kgs (35 lbs – 135 lbs). With or without reflective tape.

Available in black, blue, red, orange, yellow, teal and purple. Padding is black.



XXXS     16-18 kgs/35-40 lbs

XXS       18-21 kgs/40-47 lbs

XS          21-25 kgs/47-55 lbs

S             25-30 kgs/55-65 lbs

M           30-34 kgs/65-75 lbs

L            34-41 kgs/75-90 lbs

XL         41-48 kgs/90-105 lbs

XXL      48-54 kgs/105-120 lbs

XXXL   54-61 kgs/120-135 lbs