RC Collar Padded



Product description

No buckle, heavy-duty nylon collar, with a large, 3.8 cm dia. (1 ½” dia.) welded O-Ring placed out. Easy to grab! Comes with black fleece padding for extra comfort for your dog!

Made from heavy-duty nylon, our collars will last forever! No buckle, so it will not break. The 3.8 cm dia. (1 ½” dia.) heavy-duty welded O-Ring is placed out so it makes it easy to grab it. The heavy-duty nickel triglide will make it easy for you to adjust the collar without slipping. Extremely durable and comfortable dog collar.

Comes in three sizes:

Standard will fit dogs up to 25 kgs/55 lbs

Large will fit dogs 25 kgs/55 lbs up to 54 kgs/120 lbs

X-Large will fit dogs over 54 kgs/120 lbs


Available in black, blue, red, orange, yellow and green (padding is black for all collars).