Canicross Starter Kit with XB X-Back Harness (two dogs)



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Product description

This canicross starter kit for two dogs includes:

  • 1 x Mukluk belt
  • 1 x Bungee link/double leader combo (incl. neckline and snaps)
  • 2 x XB X-Back Harness for dogs 16-61 kgs/35-135 lbs

Our canicross starter kit for two dogs is available in black, blue and red. With or without reflective tape. 

Available in three sizes, small (2-6 women, 28-30 men), medium (8-12 women, 32-36 men) and large (14-16 women, 38-42 men). The belts are adjustable to accommodate both summer and winter clothing. With or without thigh straps.

This starter kit is also great for snowshoeing, hiking or rollerblading.


The X-back Harness works best when your dog is up front and constantly pulling. If your dog rather runs beside you instead of in front of you, or you have a dog who is more square shaped with a deeper chest and a shorter back (like Pointers, Bouvier des flandres, some of the spaniel breeds, pit bulls, boxers ect.) the best harness choice would be the JH half back harness.