Canicross Starter Kit with X-Back Dog Pulling Harness

This Canicross Starter Kit for one dog has everything you need to get started, X-back dog pulling harness, Canicross Line and Waist Belt all made in Canada.


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Product description

This canicross starter kit for one dog includes:

  • 1 x Mukluk Belt or Nordic Competition Belt
  • 1 x Canicross line 1.83 m (6 ft)
  • 1 x X-Back dog pulling Harness for dogs 16-61 kgs/35-135 lbs


Our harnesses are available in black, red, blue, orange, yellow, teal and purple. With or without reflective tape.

Our Belts are black with thigh straps and available in three sizes, small (2-6 women, 28-30 men), medium (8-12 women, 32-36 men) and large (14-16 women, 38-42 men).

The belts are adjustable to accommodate both summer and winter clothing.

With or without reflective tape.

This starter kit is also great for snowshoeing, hiking or rollerblading.


The X-back dog pulling Harness works best when your dog is up front and constantly pulling. This harness will not work well if your dog veers off to the side a lot or slows down frequently. If your dog rather runs beside, you have a small breed or a dog who is more square shaped with a deeper chest and a shorter back (like Pointers, Bouvier des flandres, some of the spaniel breeds, pit bulls, boxers ect.) then the better harness choice would be the Half Back dog pulling harness.