Smart solutions for dog-powered sports


Enjoy hands-free running with your dogs. This is the perfect starter kit if both you and your dogs love to run! What better training partners than your dogs, who are always there for you and keen to take part in every exciting activity. It is a great way to get both you and your dogs fit and is ideal for any healthy dog. Canicross is cross country running with your dog. It has developed from the origins of skijoring, where people ski with their dogs, pulling out in front of them. Running with your dog maintains a healthy lifestyle for both you and your dogs, whilst allowing you to spend quality time together. Dogs can be great running partners as they are reliable and always ready to go. They will adjust their pace to your pace whether you are fast or slow. Canicross is a sport that can be enjoyed by any breed of dog, whether you, the runner, are male or female, and any age. Before you start, ensure your dog is fit and healthy. Many people already do some form of canicross with their dog, but probably do not realize it! Choose between our SH X-Back Harness for dogs 35-60 lbs/16-27 kgs, FH X-Back Harness for dogs 60-135 lbs/27-61 kgs or JH Half-Back Harness for dogs <20-105 lbs/ 9-48 kgs. The kits are available in black, blue, and red. Reflective tape is available for the harnesses and belts. This starter kit is also great for snowshoeing, hiking and rollerblading.