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Bungee Link/Double Leader Combo AkkosSports sells great quality dog sporting equipment made in Canada
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Our Bungee Link/double leader combo can be used for Canicross, Skijoring, Bikejoring, Snowshoeing, Rollerblading, Hiking and Scootering with 2 dogs. Or to hook 2 dogs up to a Kicksled or toboggan.

This Bungee Link/double leader combo is made from 3/8″ (bungee link) and 1/4” (double leader) polyethylene 16 strand rope with 1/4” bungee inside. At full extension the combo is 9 feet long. Includes one high quality brass 5/8” and four 1/2” snaps. It also includes the 12″ Neckline to keep the two dogs together. Use this combo if you’re planning on working 2 dogs at the same time.


Available in Black, Red and Blue